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REACH Chemical

REACH is based on the idea that industry itself is best placed to ensure that the Chemicals it manufactures puts on the EU / UK market do not adversely affect human health or the environment. This requires that industry has right knowledge of their substance properties and manages the potential risks. We help to ensure you are meeting this obligations, successful registration and prevent use of substances of very high concern.

REACH Aims To:

  • Get Manufacturers and Importers to:
    • Generate information on hazards of chemicals
    • Assess & Manage Risks of chemicals
    • Register the chemicals for all uses
  • Ensure Information regarding risks posed by chemicals is available
    • To users
    • Regulators
    • General public
  • Encourage Industry to Develop
    • Substances less dangerous to health
    • Substances less damaging to the environment
  • Permit EU/ UK Authorities to take faster action regarding chemical risks and hazards
  • Enhance the competitiveness of the EU/ UK chemicals industry
  • Promote alternative methods for the assessment of hazards of substances

REACH Registration Process:

  • REACH will require the Registration of Chemical Substance
  • Registration process requires a Technical Dossier must be submitted to EU Chemicals Agency (ECHA) if chemicals placed on EU markets are above 1 tonne per annum.
  • A Chemical Safety Report(CSR) must be submitted to ECHA for chemicals placed on markets above 10 tonne per annum.
  • For placing on markets and import of chemicals containing Substances of Very High Concerns (SVHC) an authorisation is required by ECHA.
  • An extended Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be provided and communicated to downstream users of chemicals
  • A supply chain information must be requested by importer of consumer products from non-EU manufacturers in which Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) must be listed. If SVHC is above 0.1%, a notification required.
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